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Things you did not know about Salvador Dalí

Things you did not know about Salvador Dalí
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Most people could recognize Salvador Dalí from a lineup, but few understand how enigmatic the artist truly was.

Although he passed away 28 years ago, his legacy and vitality live on in his art and popular culture.To prepare you for the wild ride that was the painter's life, here are seven things you didn't know about Dalí:

He made his secretaries millionaires

Dalí wasn't particularly fond of paying his secretaries, so he often compensated them with commissions. Obviously, that paid off in the end.

He was expelled from art school.

In his youth, the budding artist refused to take his final in art history. He added, “none of the professors of the school [are] competent to judge me, I retire." The teachers didn't take too kindly to his judgment and expelled him. And, he didn't give AF.

He had a thing for cauliflowers.

In 1955, he filled a white Rolls Royce Phantom II with cauliflowers and drove it from Spain to Paris. Because, why not?


He kept exotic animals as pets.

In the sixties, Dalí shared his home with an ocelot named Babou. He took the exotic feline with him everywhere, including elegant restaurants in Manhattan.

He didn't exactly travel light.

In 1934, he took a train to New York. For the entire journey, he wore a life jacket, attached his paintings to his body with string, and carried a two-meter-long baguette.

He was in love with a man.

He and Edward Cullen share a connection.

In 2008, Robert Pattinson had a very busy year. He starred as Edward Cullen in Twilight and sprouted a mustache to play Dalí in Little Ashes. We should mention that he masturbated on camera for Little Ashes, but that's another story.


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