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Nearly half of queer millennials are still in the closet


Nearly half of queer millennials are still in the closet

In 2018, it may seem that coming out has become a natural process for many LGBTQ people. But many are struggling to face their truth.

First american company to reach one trillion value run by gay man


First american company to reach one trillion value run by gay man

America's first public company to reach $1 trillion in value is none other than Apple.

Shirtless with a new puppy


Shirtless with a new puppy

Following the death of his dog Beemo in May, Gus Kenworthy has adopted a new best friend and shared a picture of her on Instagram.

Kim is anything but homophobic


Kim is anything but homophobic

The Kardashian kraze is usually an exhausting saga to keep up with (no pun intended) but this week's has been particularly exhausting.

Philipp Plein Fall 2016/2017 Menswear

Heisenberg, Friday, 1.7.2016 / 17:47

Favourite night club

Heisenberg, Wednesday, 6.4.2016 / 22:53

That's hot

Falconer, Wednesday, 24.6.2015 / 23:40

Blake Skjellerup on jet-set fitness tips

Falconer, Sunday, 8.3.2015 / 9:28

Navy orchestrates Its first man-on-man homecomin...

Falconer, Sunday, 8.3.2015 / 9:15

The gay gospel

Falconer, Sunday, 8.3.2015 / 9:09

Madonna falls of stage at Brit awards 2015

Falconer, Saturday, 28.2.2015 / 22:34

Bicycle travel

Heisenberg, Monday, 23.2.2015 / 3:40

Anyone knows who this guy is?

Ryder, Wednesday, 11.2.2015 / 18:02

Eurovision Song Contest 2015

Ryder, Wednesday, 11.2.2015 / 17:58

Airport security and laptop

Orion, Wednesday, 11.2.2015 / 12:26

Dogs and cats - can they be friends?

Steven, Tuesday, 10.2.2015 / 18:53

Stealing underwear

Falconer, Monday, 9.2.2015 / 21:37

Which country would you like to visit next?

Steven, Monday, 9.2.2015 / 21:22

Madonna @ Grammy 2015

Falconer, Monday, 9.2.2015 / 21:15

Funny Internet videos

Alexandros, Monday, 9.2.2015 / 20:23

Gay writers

Alexandros, Monday, 9.2.2015 / 20:02

Valentine's day breakfast ideas

Alexandros, Monday, 9.2.2015 / 16:32

Gay rights Africa

Heisenberg, Monday, 9.2.2015 / 16:22

Do you get bored easily when playing a game?

Heisenberg, Monday, 9.2.2015 / 15:50

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